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Our electric and acoustic guitar repair service is located right in the center of Bath, Somerset and can handle many jobs from set-ups to re-frets, cracks to loose braces and even neck-resets. 


Please note: The below guide prices are for some of the most common works needed on guitars. Assessment and quote are free of charge and work will not begin until price has been agreed with the customer. Prices are subject to change. 


Please use the contact page to arrange an assessment or get a guide quote for works not listed below. Work is calculated at an hourly rate of £40 per hr. 


  • Instruments must be dropped off in a gig bag or case

  • No refinishing

  • No Amplifier repairs 

  • No Lacquered Fingerbord Re-frets




£15 + Strings


Set up


Electric / Bass - £40 + strings

Acoustic - £50 + strings 

12 String - £60 + strings 


Replacement Nut OR Saddle 


£40 (cut from blank, custom spacing)




Electric - £30

Acoustic - £50


Fret Dress + Set up 


Full - £80 + strings

Partial - £50 + strings 


Headstock Break Repair




Re-Fret (inc. set up)


£190 (+ £50 for stainless steel) + strings

PLEASE NOTE: No Lacquered Fingerbord Re-frets


Neck Reset (inc. set up)


Electric Bolt-on  - £80

Acoustic Bolt-on - £220

Acoustic Dovetail - £300


Acoustic Pick-up Installation 


£ 80 (owner supplies parts)


Tuners / Machine Heads Replacement 


£50 (owner supplies parts)

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